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“The Cost of Personal Training Why BMFC Is Right For You”

“What does a personal trainer cost in Omaha, Nebraska?” This is often the first question we as coaches get asked. We’re often told that personal training is too expensive, but people don’t actually know the cost of our services, so I’m here to tell you that it’s way more affordable than you might think! Here at BMFC, we have plenty of options to fit your budget and ensure that you get the most out of your workouts during the week.

In Omaha, the cost of personal training can range anywhere from $45 to $100 per session, and this can be due to the facility and its overhead costs. However, a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better trainers; it may simply mean they are in a high-priced gym. Conversely, lower-priced trainers may have lower overhead costs or may be new to the field. The key is finding the right trainer – someone you can hang out with a few hours a week, trust as an accountability partner and ideally, become friends with.

Here at BMFC, we offer personal training sessions from one to three days per week, with prices starting at $55 per session for one day and $50 per session for two to three days. We might not have a fancy building, but we have dedicated trainers who have been in the field for over 11 years and take our clients’ fitness goals seriously. So, if you’re considering personal training, click on the link below and come hang out with us for an hour – your first visit is free!