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Kennedy Batten

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Hello! My name is Kennedy Batten and I was born and raised right here in Omaha. Growing up, I played soccer and competitively danced, so I’ve always been very active. After college, I moved to Denver for a few years where I discovered my love of fitness and became a personal trainer at a local gym. Since then, I’ve continued to train clients, coach group fitness classes, and become certified in nutrition. I am passionate about guiding my clients on the path to a healthier, more confident version of themselves!

Outside of fitness, I also teach dance and choreograph for my studio’s competitive team. When I’m not working, I love watching football, spending time with my pups Charlie and Khaleesi, and hiking. One day, I hope to visit every U.S. National Park!

My favorite exercise is the deadlift!
Pricing is super easy; we charge $60 per session and sell them in packages of 4 sessions up to 16 sessions per month. Your first session is always free. Book with me, and let’s come up with a plan for your fitness and nutrition goals!
My fitness approach revolves around the holistic development of individuals, encompassing not just their physical strength but also building mental resilience, confidence, and overall health along the way. To me, fitness is not “one size fits all”. I personalize each workout and nutrition plan to each individual client and utilize daily habits coaching to ensure my clients’ long-term success. Whether you’re a new mom hoping to get back into a fitness routine, a beginner looking to start your weight loss journey, or just someone wanting to grow into the best version of themselves, my focus is delivering a realistic approach that fits each individual’s lifestyle.
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