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Healthier Bones and Joints 

It’s a common misconception amongst women that regular exercise interferes with their physical appearance and, therefore, prefer to avoid it altogether. However, studies have revealed that not exercising can cause women to lose muscle mass every ten years, and this can lead to various health issues, such as weaker bones and an increased risk of fractures, back and joint pain, limited mobility, and muscle loss.

Fortunately, incorporating strength training into your fitness regimen can assist in counteracting these effects and allow you to reap the many benefits of building stronger bones and gaining muscle. Not only will you feel more youthful and agile, but you will also enjoy a higher quality of life. Young women can benefit from strength training to boost their physical health and prepare their bodies for the natural aging process. Meanwhile, older women can recover from or avoid age-related conditions. Hence, strength training should be an essential component of every woman’s exercise routine – regardless of their age and fitness level.

Reduced anxiety

Are you feeling constantly anxious and stressed out? There is a solution that you should definitely consider: lifting weights! This type of training has been proven to greatly reduce anxiety and stress levels. If you’re skeptical, don’t just take our word for it – scientific research has shown a strong correlation between resistance training and decreases in anxiety. Experts have determined that, for the best results, resistance training at a low-to-moderate intensity is ideal for reducing anxiety levels. By incorporating lifting weights into your fitness routine, you can potentially experience a significant reduction in your day-to-day anxiety and stress levels. So, if you’re looking for a healthy, natural way to alleviate some of the anxiety that has been weighing you down, give resistance training a try and see how you feel!

Body Image 

Resistance training offers numerous benefits, including improving one’s overall body image. In fact, recent research supports the notion that weight training is associated with significant enhancements in various aspects of body image, health-related quality of life, and physical activity behaviors. This study has concluded that individuals who engage in resistance training for extended periods report higher levels of satisfaction and comfort with their bodies, which ultimately contributes to a more positive self-image. Thus, incorporating resistance exercises into your workout routine can not only help you achieve your fitness goals but also result in an overall improvement in your physical and mental well-being.

Personal Training With Body Masters Fit Club

“We are thrilled to say that Body Masters has been helping women achieve their fitness goals and boost their confidence with strength training for over 11 years! Our dedication to both preaching and practicing this concept has helped us be more effective in teaching women how to build strength and become overall healthier. If you’re looking to start your fitness journey or just need to switch things up, we’re excited to be here for you! Our friendly and experienced coaches are always ready to show you the proper techniques and recommend movements that will work best for you. If you’re in Omaha, Nebraska, we’d love for you to visit us or sign up for a free session below to find out more about how we can assist you in becoming the absolute fittest version of yourself!”